You absolutely can. We work with specialist mortgage brokers who have access to a vast network of specialist lenders who can offer mortgages to applicants with defaults.

During this process, the lender will also consider other circumstances. Ultimately lenders will come to a decision about whether they can lend to you. Competitive mortgage rates can still be available to applicants with adverse credit history, provided you work with an expert bad credit broker who can direct your application to the right lenders.

What is a default?

A default is what happens when you’ve missed a number of payments to your creditor (lender, mobile phone network provider, utility company etc.). It also happens when you don’t pay the full amount owed to the creditor. 

How long does a default last for?

A default will stay on your credit file for six years which could affect your ability to access credit in the future. However, despite what many people might think, it is still possible to find a competitive adverse credit mortgage with a default (or defaults) on your file.

Does having a default affect my mortgage application?

Some specialist lenders recognise it’s all too easy to miss the odd payment and their systems are designed with these people in mind. For example, a default on a mobile phone account isn’t likely to be considered very serious, whereas a default on a secured loan or mortgage will have more impact than any other type of default. Flexibility depends on the lenders, they usually have several tiers of products covering customers who have simply got a low credit score or missed the odd credit card payment right through to those with more significant issues and people with recent credit issues.

 Check your credit file regularly

Ensure that you look at your credit file, whether or not you’re applying for a mortgage as it is good to keep up to date and to see if any adverse comments are showing. Your credit file is one of the key sources of information lenders will use when assessing your application. The greater the damage to your credit report, the less likely you are to be accepted by any conventional lenders. Your credit score can affect your likelihood of being offered a competitive deal, along with the size of the deposit you are expected to provide

There are lots of different sites that will let you check and stay updated with your credit file. It is untrue that checking your credit score will leave a mark on your file. Lots of credit checking sites will let you check your file without affecting your actual credit history.